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The FX Blue Trade Mirror is an independent way of sending trading signals between two devices. Trade spot gold and spot silver contracts against the US dollar with tight spreads, from 0.0 pips on our pro account. Our powerful MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms are trusted by beginners and pros alike. It cannot be a vertical line – for obvious reasons, this can only apply to horizontal or trend-lines. You can change this behaviour using the Advanced options, telling the Smart Lines to apply the rule to each order individually. The fixed amount to leave open is a way of saying “make sure that the order/position is no larger than X”.

Disclaimer – We are not buying or selling Forex currencies, we are just providing consultancy, news and charts for educational purposes and also no monetary services are provided on the website. We offer Meta Trader 4 & 5 as mobile and desktop trading platforms. In a very interesting test, I once analyzed the same trading account on both websites. The difference wasn’t tremendous, but it says a lot about the subtleties of the two services.

For example, you can create a simulation-speed between values 31 and 32 on the MT4 slider by setting the slider to 32 and then adjusting SpeedFactor to a non-zero value. Values 28 to 31 will be between 10 and 20 times faster than real life (e.g. an M15 bar is simulated in 1 minute). You will need to restart any copies of MT4 which are already running. MT4’s Navigator list does not update until the software is restarted.

Access your account on to unlock a more complete trading experience. Utilize their popular charts, dynamic trade management, and trade ideas from the TradingView user community to inspire your own trading. Access TradingView charts with over 80 indicators, Reuters news feeds, behavioral science technology and much more with our web trading platform. Refine your trading with exclusive data tools like Performance Analyticsand SMART Signals.

Check out our advanced trading tools such as SMART Signals, Performance Analytics and useful charting features. Forex trading is the buying and selling of global currencies. It’s how individuals, businesses, central banks and governments pay for goods and services in other economies.

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The themselves map forex, metal and cryptocurrencies for trading, the time frame of which can be determined individually. The Personal Trade Copier duplicates orders between two instances of MT4 running on the same computer. Lot sizing can be adjusted between the two accounts, and you can limit the copying to particular symbols or magic numbers. There is also a version for MT5, and you can copy trades in either direction between MT4 and MT5. As a customer, you will receive an “Invitation Code” from your signal generator if you do not yet have an FX Blue account.

There you can see the current account balance, the total profit and the account type in addition to other statistics. Your own performance is the heart of the service offered by FX Blue. Your own trading performance is set up under the name FXBlue Live via the tab with the same name. According to the company, its service has been around since 2009 and is used by traders and account managers worldwide. I have been with Blueberry markets for more than three years, feeling secure and comfortable.


Choose the date range which you want to practise on by clicking the “Use date” box and then choosing the start and end dates. Unless otherwise specified in writing by FX Blue, this software is licensed for personal use only. You are not allowed to distribute it to other people, regardless of whether or not money is changing hands. You only have a licence to use the software if you, personally, downloaded it from our website. Please remove any previous versions of the MetaTrader software from your PC prior to installation in order to ensure proper function of the platform. If you qualify, you could take advantage of our customizable trading systems, all hosted on a secure professional server at no additional cost.

3″Multi-timeframe” (MTF) indicators

When you’re trading and when you’re not, we are always here for you. Earn your way to flexible terms, cutting edge platform, and a dedicated conversion specialist. This shows your total net profit in the simulation so far, your current balance and equity, the profit on all open orders, the margin usage etc. You can close individual orders by opening the account info – see below. Values 20 to 27 will be between 2 and 5 times faster than real life.

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AIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Blue Star jumps; Virgin Wines profit ….

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Lastly, there are apps that are assigned to the Slingshot category. These are only intended for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, but offer users of the trading platform a comprehensive range of services. It is so extensive that some content isonly available for premium usersand therefore requires a fee for trading. We offer REAL capital and use a REAL liquidity provider supplied with cutting edge technology and continuous customer support to ensure that you as a trader have all the necessary tools to succeed. The Trade Mirror is a free service for sending trading signals over the internet to other computers (currently for MT4/5 only).


You turn on this option by clicking on the “Forex blue properties” button in the strategy tester and then altering the “Value” property for “PauseTester” on the “Inputs” tab. You can also control the size of the simulated account which you are trading by clicking on the “Expert properties” button and changing the “Initial deposit” value on the “Testing” tab. You install the Trading Simulator by running its setup program. This will list all the copies of MT4 on your computer, and you simply click on the ones where you want to install the Simulator.


For example, halfway through a bar they will tend to indicate what is about to happen based on the future price at the end of the bar. You tell the Simulator which extra timeframes to create using the options under the Expert Properties button in the MT4 strategy tester. Vertical lines create a time-based stop, i.e. an instruction to close part or all of some positions at a fixed time in the future . You specify two prices, or two values in pips, either side of the current price, and the Simulator places a buy-stop and a sell-stop. Once one of the pending orders is filled, the other is automatically cancelled. You would typically use this when you are expecting a major price movement, but you don’t know whether the move is going to be up or down.

Forex Blue Starck Strategy Features

Yes you are allowed to use any trading softwares and copy traders on Stage 1 & 2. However, on live accounts we do not allow copy trading or use of multiple IP addresses. EA’s that take advantage of our liquidity pool or delays in MT4/MT5 are subject to individual review. Trading excessive lots over a small period of time on live accounts is also subject is to individual review. Recommended brokers The FX Blue Trading Simulator for MT5 works with the desktop client terminal from any broker, butclick here to see our list of recommended brokers. Our recommended brokers have tightened spreads, a wider range of available markets, or special offers which can improve your trading results.

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Eli Lilly pulls Twitter ads after blue check fallout: report.

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Recommended brokers The FX Blue Trading Simulator v3 for MT4 works with the desktop client terminal from any broker, butclick here to see our list of recommended brokers. Keep updated about news about their latest developments, market analysis, bonus, promotions. Compare spreads and choose the broker that adjusts to your needs. We offer trading plans and methods, bullish & bearish divergence, and provide live foreign exchange charts with indicators for major and minor currency pairs. Forex traders will often use technical indicators such as moving averages and MACD to try and determine the direction of the trend. The Forex Blue Starck System is based on a forex trend trading strategy.

Additionally, gain access to nine EAs, including Sentiment Trader. All levels of trading experience are welcomed, we just require our traders to respect our trading parameters. Blue Forex Funds encourages traders to get help from experts should they require assistance in getting funded. There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. However, the account must end in a positive balance at the end of the 30 day trading period. All accounts that are inactive for 14 days or more if not notified by the trader, will be terminated due to inactivity.

In the following example there are two converging trend-lines, one for the stop-loss and one for the take-profit. In addition, there is a time line which will close the open position if the price has not already hit one of the trend lines by then. Whilst the Forex Blue Starck Strategy may be able to detect some good trends, it does require plenty of initiative on behalf of the forex trader that is using it. This is because there is some much that left open to interpretation. Not all of the Forex Blue Starck signals will be able to correctly detect the start of a big trend, especially in ranging market conditions.

  • With this information traders will have a great advantage on their operations.
  • There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account.
  • See how other people are trading, and decide whether to go with the trend or against it.
  • From the behavior of other traders we can derive strategies and adapt to the current trends.
  • Cross reference with your FXBOOK which will be provided to any trader when they purchase their account.

The blog posts are certainly much more interesting for traders than the updates about the broker content.Market news, exciting content that could influence tradingand more can be read there. Of course, using a platform like FX Blue standing on its own already has advantages. But if thetools can be integrated directly into existing trading platformsthat you own, it makes trading even easier, as trading can be done directly through a tool. The offer of FX Blue is characterized by quality, reliability, and suitable analysis tools, and this since thefoundation in 2009. Traders who specialize in Forex trading can benefit from the free offers of FX Blue and shape their own strategy with the content.

Get a suite of over 20 apps including custom indicators and nine expert advisors, such as the Sentiment Trader. Pivot points are a technical indicator that traders use to predict upcoming areas of technical significance, such as support and resistance. They’re calculated by averaging the high, low, and closing prices of a previous period. Spreads will vary based on market conditions, including volatility, available liquidity, and other factors. Typical Spreads may not be available for Managed Accounts and accounts referred by an Introducing Broker.

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Please note that the KYC verification process can take up to 2 weeks . Identify your strengths and weakness as a trader with our exclusive cutting-edge behavioral science technology – powered by Chasing Returns. Join our analysts for a 60-minute webinar during the release of the Non-Farm Payroll report for instant analysis of the numbers and what they may mean for the markets. Enjoy interest payments and cash rebates for high volume trading. Enjoy consistently low trading costs, even in volatile markets – and ultra-fast, quality execution.

In effect, you are then saying “all orders which meet the following conditions” rather than just “all orders”. Selecting a fixed amount to close simply closes that number of lots, or the current order/position size if smaller. If the order/position is 0.75 lots then 0.50 will be closed, leaving 0.25. If the order/position is 0.10, then the entire 0.10 will be closed . Because they are not price-based, vertical lines can be applied to any selection of orders without restriction. From the window which pops up, you then click on the s/l or t/p buttons and the s/l or t/p will automatically move to the new price selected.

  • In addition to the MT4 and MT5, other software such as cTrader or Vertex FX can also be used with FX Blue.
  • But other trading platforms are also available for trading.
  • It helps to identify combinations of trades which may be riskier than expected because, in effect, you are placing one large trade instead of two indepedent trades.
  • Trading Forex, CFD, Binary Options, and other financial instruments carry a high risk of loss and are not suitable for all investors.
  • The price underneath the profit in pips is the average entry price for the position .

The data comes directly from the broker, which leaves little room for manipulation. Furthermore, FX Blue offers a “Trade Mirror,” which distributes signals via MT4 free of charge. In addition to the MT4 and MT5, other software such as cTrader or Vertex FX can also be used with FX Blue. Markets and keep our client funds segregated in a trust account.

If you select “Publisher App/EA,” an additional program must be installed. Margin trading involves a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Forex and CFDs are highly leveraged products, which means both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade in these products if you fully understand the risks involved and can afford to incur losses that will not adversely affect your lifestyle.

In addition, calculators and sentiment charts that are mapped in tools provide a quick overview of markets, the behavior of other traders and the current currency fluctuations. Based on one’s own risk profile, appropriate conclusions can then be drawn that fit one’s own trading strategy. If no violations are detected you will automatically be upgraded to the next stage. Login credentials are emailed to our traders using the same email provided at the time of the account purchase . We will then go ahead and send you the profits accrued via bank wire or crypto (depending on the clients preference. Yes we provide each trader with live funds directly from our liquidity provider.

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