How to add JavaScript to HTML? All the ways to link JS with HTML

You may also be a new web developer who needs to include a JavaScript library or framework in your application. In this article, I’ll show you the two ways to include JavaScript in your HTML files. Now that you know how powerful JavaScript is you might be wondering how to add JavaScript to HTML. This article explains all the ways to link JavaScript with HTML in detail. JavaScript was initially created by Brendan Eich to add life to web pages.

  • However, not all JavaScript works when placed at the end of the page like this.
  • Modern web browsers, which adhere to common display standards, support JavaScript through built-in engines without the need for additional plugins.
  • This tutorial will go over how to incorporate JavaScript into your web files, both inline into an HTML document and as a separate file.
  • To include an external JavaScript file, we can use the script tag with the attribute src.

JQuery is simply a Javascript file, so if you download a copy of the file you can include it within your page using a script tag. You can also include Jquery from a content distribution network such as the one hosted by Google. Loading the HTML first makes the page loading time faster because browsers only have to load the plain HTML document.

JavaScript File Sizes

However, not all JavaScript works when placed at the end of the page like this. Most of the time it’s safe to put it at the bottom of the page unless the documentation specifies otherwise. There how to link javascript to html are generally two places where this script tag can be placed in our HTML file. Learn how to connect an HTML file to a JavaScript file using a script tag with this simple example code.

You can also use src attribute in bottom script tag to include you script file instead of putting direct js code like above. You can add script tags in your HTML document, ideally inside the which points to your javascript files. Load the jQuery before your script files if you want to use jQuery from your script. To include an external JavaScript file, we can use the script tag with the attribute src.


This can be done either inline within an HTML document or in a separate file that the browser will download alongside the HTML document. In this article, we will learn all the different ways to link javascript to HTML by taking some examples. This second example uses exactly the same JavaScript as the first example (only the text has changed). The only difference is that the JavaScript is now embedded into the HTML document, as opposed to being located in an external file. The most common way is the latter, using JavaScript in an external file, but I’ll show you both ways. You likely got here because you’re building a web page and need to know how to include JavaScript in it.

how to connect js to html

Head section- To load the javascript before loading the Html document itself, we reference the javascript code inside the of the Html document. JavaScript is often placed before the closing body tag to help reduce the page loading time. Doing this allows the rest of the page to load before loading the JavaScript files, which can be large.

– How to connect HTML file to JavaScript

Many JavaScript files can tend to be rather large, which can slow down the load time of your page. Popular frameworks usually offer a “minified” version of their code. You should always use this version in your pages because it will have a smaller file size. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that adds interactivity to our websites/web apps.

You’ve already used the src attribute when using images. The value for the src attribute should be the path to your JavaScript file. I set up a simple project in Vscode , I made a simple html and js file . First one , I test by put all js file content into script tag in html file , worked fine .


JavaScript allows us to create and update the contents of our web apps dynamically. It is one of the most used programming languages with HTML and CSS. Today HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are considered the three base pillars of all modern websites. Html and CSS help to make a static web page, but to make it interactive we have to use javascript. It’s customary to put all JavaScript files in a folder called js. If the script is not written in JavaScript, you should use the type attribute to explicitly state the type of script.

how to connect js to html

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the ways to link JS with HTML. Here’s a very simple demonstration of how to include an external JavaScript file into an HTML page. When working with files for the web, JavaScript needs to be loaded and run alongside HTML markup.

The thing is when I create new js file , it stop linked together. The above example links to an external JavaScript file. The location of the JavaScript file is provided as the value for the src attribute. When the HTML file loads, the JavaScript file is also loaded.

how to connect js to html

You can do almost anything and everything crazy with JavaScript. You can make servers, web apps, mobile apps, etc using JavaScript. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. A Framework is basically a library of code for a certain language. Generally, the framework abstracts common tasks and makes it easier and faster for designers and developers to write their specific code.

You can use the type attribute to explictly state the script type. If you omit this attribute the script will be treated as JavaScript. So there is no need to use this attribute if the script is in JavaScript.

how to connect js to html